The Azov seaport is located on 15 km from a mouth of the river Don, costs on a line of 9-th intermodal corridor intended for movement of cargoes from the north on the south, and it is some kind of the main gate connecting Mediterranean sea with internal waters of the Russian Federation and Caspian sea.

Company «S» at present prepares the project of deepening access channel to Port up to 8,5 meters and the project «Eurasia» of the channel that united Caspian pool with Azov.

The Port is a gate in Internal Water Transport System (IWTS). IWTS passes through the Volga-Don channel further to Caspian sea and through the river Volga and system of northern rivers, Volga-Baltic and Belomorkanal incorporates with Baltic and White by seas. It is a convenient waterway to the industrial centres located in the European part of Russia, for vessels carrying capacity 3000MT — 6000MT type «river-sea» (with draft up to 4 meters), connecting internal waterways of Russia through sea of Azov with Black and Mediterranean by seas.

The Convenient geographical position allows to handle cargoes acting from internal areas of the country water, and motor transport on sea vessels.

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