The berthing quay is constructed
The territory of port is expanded
It is put in operation the grain terminal
Warehouse is constructed
The container terminal prepares for delivery
There is begun designing the terminal under liquefied hydrocarbonic gas
There is begun designing a deepening of access duct up to 8,5 meters
In port works lotspost — as the area of 1,2 hectares, equipped by a berthing wall and two portal cranes
There is begun designing construction of channel «Eurasia» the connecting Caspian sea and Azov

Information concerning Container terminal

Within the limits of realization of the third stage of the investment program of JSC «Azov Sea Port» the construction of the specialized container terminal is completed. On the parameters this terminal is one of the largest in region.

Construction and the equipment of the terminal carries out the strategic investor and the largest shareholder of port — Joint-Stock Company on manufacture of building materials «S», which more than ten years put own means in development of the enterprise.

The total area of warehouses of the terminal makes 50000 m2, the length of a berthing wall — 268 m. the Terminal is equipped with modern container cranes (type STS) and other specialized machinery. A designed capacity of the terminal — up to 75000 TEU in a year with lumpsum storage up to 5000 TEU.

The terminal is located directly on the territory of the basic cargo site of the Azov port and provided by automobile and railway access roads. The base on service and repair of containers is placed on some removal from territory of port and connected with it a motorway and a branch line.

In parallel with construction of the container terminal fast development of a port infrastructure, especially in a direction of an internal railway network was carried out. In port works own three locomotives that allows to use exhibition and shunting tracks which general extent exceeds 9 km with peak efficiency and in the further will increase within the limits of development of port. The major advantage of port is the opportunity of simultaneous acceptance of several railway routes.

Commissioning of the container terminal will allow to master actively new navigable lines, first of all the Balkan direction. It will enable cargo owners to switch a part of a freight traffic from motor transport on sea and to save significant means which they are compelled to spend for payment of dear European transits for today.

The construction of the terminal is carried out in compliance with the strategy of development of the Azov seaport affirmed by the board of directors, and based on stable growth of the container traffic. Putting into operation of the terminal will promote improvement of service provided to the Azov seaport clients, it will imperfect intermodal shipping and is going to organize uninterrupted transportation of export-import cargoes.

The Grain terminal

It is put into operation the grain terminal in capacity 14 thousand in m 3, with annual volume of processing up to 500 thousand tons grain (grain, seeds of sunflower).

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