The Basic export market
The Countries of the Black Sea, Mediterranean and Caspian pools, the Danube artery, Central Asia.
The Status
The Azov seaport has the status international. In port settle down boundary, customs and other services.
The Azov seaport has two cargo areas. There is begun designing the third cargo area for handling of liquefied hydrocarbonic gas.
The Pattern of ownership and structure of management
1993 — the joint-stock company the Azov seaport is created. The Owner of a control package — Joint-Stock Company «S», the general forwarding agent and the strategic investor (investments more than 50 million US dollars).
Work in a mode «a gate — a gate»: presence of a code of the railway, terminals. To services all service duties (customs, boundary, sanitary, veterinary and quarantine), own basic and auxiliary fleet, own railway park of locomotives, a network of own railway and exhibition ways, own automobile and railway weights.

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