Annually the Port processes nearby 2 million tons of cargoes, and has an opportunity to process up to 5 6 million tons per year, at ability of lumpsum storage up to one million tons of cargoes.

The basic specialization — universal processing of all kinds of bulk and general cargoes, such as metal (preparations, sheets, coils, slabs, etc.), scrap metal, coal, a wood (timber and round), ore, fertilizers, grain, cement as in big begs and bulk, containers, oversized cargo and others. Processing of tank cargoes and liquid hydrocarbonic gas are also in plan and preparation.

The greatest share in a turnover of goods of port, in the last few years, is made with coal, grain, cement, metal products. It is supposed to increase the volumes of processing of containers.

The basic export streams of cargoes are directed to Turkey, Bulgaria, Romania, Italy, Greece, Spain, Tunis, Egypt, Syria, Israel, Cyprus, the countries of Balkan peninsula. Import represents an insignificant part from total amount of processed cargoes, but with the opening of container terminal it is planned to increase a stream of import.

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