The Reloading complex of the Azov port includes 11 berths, specialized on an overload of metal products, wood, grain cargoes, ores, fertilizers, coal, mineral-building and piece cargoes. Recently new freight traffics, in particular alumina are mastered. Processing of bulk cargoes and liquefied hydrocarbonic gas also prepares.

The total area of territory of the Azov seaport more than 24 hectares.;
The central cargo area — 5,9 hectares.;
New cargo berths (territory of «new» port) — 17 hectares.;
A cargo site — «Lotspost» — 1,2 hectares.
A site under liquefied hydrocarbonic gas — 36 hectares.

With the opening of the new cargo areas at the moment the port has 13 equipped cargo moorings in the general extent of 1600 l/m, (including spare cargo area — Lotspost — the area of 1,2 hectares, a berthing wall of 170 meters and 2 portal cranes.) served by the powerful complex of reloading technics including: 30 portal cranes carrying capacity up to 32 tons, one gantry crane carrying capacity of 35 tons means of the mechanization of auxiliary operations, two receivers for processing loose cargoes (grain, alumina, cement, chrome ore and etc.). In port is available two mobile plants for a unloading bulk cement of vacuum type “Kovako” and auger type “Ebau” productivity of 200 and 250 tons per hour accordingly.

On moorings of the container terminal (length 268) are put into operation: two portal cranes carrying capacity 80 t and 32 t, two container cranes (type STS) carrying capacity of 35 tons with automatic spreaders, two gantry cranes carrying capacity 50 tons.

Depth at berths — 4,5-8,5 m., depth of access duct- 4 m. Width of the river — about 400 m., all-the-year-round navigation.

The Port has 55 thousand meter square of the open concreted warehouse areas, clearing constructions, systems of fire-fighting, electrosubstation on 630 KW. For improvement of power supply are in addition constructed power transmission line and substation.

Now the port is capable to process up to 5—6 million tons a year. The Norms of loading provided by port from 800 up to 7000 tons day, depending on a kind of a cargo.

Greater advantage of the Azov seaport before other «small» ports is the opportunity of lumpsum storage up to one million tons of cargoes.

The Port is located in area with well developed transport infrastructure and has access roads for automobile and railway transport. The port has the developed network of own railway access and exhibition ways, railway technics, also has own fleet.

Owing to new own exhibition tracks, the port has an opportunity to accept cargoes routing sendings, that considerably reduces charges and especially for park of own cars.

In port is available own automobile and railway weights:

automobile weights (60 tons) — 2 ;
Electronic railway weights (100 tons) — 2 ;

that reduces a production cycle on processing cars, not sending them on weight to station Azov (7 km).

It is supposed for construction of a tank farm for the further transportation of oil/mineral oil the pipeline in bay of “Lotspost” on the territory of the road-building industrial-mechanized column RBIMC-2 (the area of 7,2 hectares located near a cargo site — «Lotspost»). Besides on balance RBIMC-2 there is a various road-building technics.

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