The Azov port is located on a line of 9-th intermodal corridor intended for movement of cargoes from the north on the south, and also is effective in work with freight traffics of the Balkan-Danube and Mediterranean directions. It is some kind of the main gate connecting Mediterranean sea with internal water system of Russia and Caspian sea. It allows to deliver cargoes in the central part of Russia, to Urals and Central Asia.
Depth at berths — 4,5-8,5 m., depth of access duct — 4 m. Width of the river — about 400 m., during winter time is carried out icebreaking posting of courts.
The port works in conditions of all-the-year-round navigation, accepts vessels of type «river-sea» carrying capacity up to 5 thousand tons.
Since 1995 in Open Society «Azov Sea Port» the investment program sold by joint-stock company «S» is stage by stage carried out.
As a result of realization of the investment program throughput of port has increased up to 5—6 million tons of export-import cargoes a year.
The port has the status international. In its territory boundary, customs, sanitary, veterinary and quarantine services operate.
The total area of port exceeds 24 hectares. The reloading complex of the Azov port includes a number of berths, specialized on an overload of metal products, wood, grain cargoes, ores, fertilizers, coal, mineral-building and piece cargoes.
Cargo berths of port are provided by the powerful complex of reloading technics including 30 portal cranes by carrying capacity up to 32 tons, and also all kinds of means of mechanization of auxiliary operations. The port has the covered and open warehouse areas (possible lumpsum storage up to 1 million tons of production) The port has the developed network of railway access exhibition ways. Interior tracks allow to accept up to seven routes simultaneously. Among strategic priorities of the Azov port it is possible to name: 1 — the further development of a port infrastructure; 2 — perfection of technology of cargo handling works, formation of logistical system of a turnover of goods of port, including forwarding by rail and rendering of charter support; 3 — carrying out of flexible tariff policy.

«The Partner wants — Azov Sea Port can».

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